Main authors :
  • Matteo Trotta - author and main maintainer of Mp3splt Project
  • Alexandru Munteanu (, home page) - maintainer of Mp3splt Project
People who contributed to mp3splt-project development :
  • Marco Papa Manzillo - rpm and deb packager.
  • Francois Revol - added list option and worked on BeOS porting.
  • Remo Laubacher - ported mp3splt v. 0.4 for Windows.
  • Davide Magatti - "official" mp3splt beta tester
  • Markus Elfring - code checking for return codes, some bad coding techniques and suggestions.
  • Roberto Neri - patch from BMP to audacious support
  • Mario Blättermann - german translation and suggestions
  • Erez Volk - alphabetic track number output variables patch
  • Federico Grau - audacity labels support
  • David Belohrad - set tags from filename regular expression
  • Gunter Königsmann - gui improvement and debian packaging
  • Sašo Živanović - added customizable seek times in preferences of mp3splt-gtk
and others ...
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