libmp3splt  0.9.2
Lossless library for splitting audio formats like mp3, ogg vorbis and FLAC.
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Other utilities


#define SPLT_DIRCHAR   '/'
#define SPLT_DIRSTR   "/"


int mp3splt_set_silence_points (splt_state *state, splt_code *error)
splt_code mp3splt_set_trim_silence_points (splt_state *state)
char * mp3splt_get_version ()
int mp3splt_check_if_directory (const char *filename)

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SPLT_DIRCHAR   '/'

Path separator as character (/ or \)

Definition at line 2117 of file mp3splt.h.

#define SPLT_DIRSTR   "/"

Path separator as string (/ or \)

Definition at line 2121 of file mp3splt.h.

Function Documentation

int mp3splt_set_silence_points ( splt_state state,
splt_code error 

Scan for silence and set silence splitpoints in the state.

[in]stateMain state.
[out]errorPossible error; can be NULL.
The number of silence spots found.
splt_code mp3splt_set_trim_silence_points ( splt_state state)

Scan for silence and set silence trim splitpoints in the state.

[in]stateMain state.
Possible error.
char* mp3splt_get_version ( )

Returns the version of libmp3splt.

Result must be freed.

int mp3splt_check_if_directory ( const char *  filename)

Returns SPLT_TRUE if filename is a directory.