Frequently asked questions

  1. When using cue or cddb files with characters like ä, ö, ü, ß, mp3splt produces broken filenames or broken tags.

    Verify the encoding of the cddb or the cue file. Try converting the input file to UTF-8. Mp3splt expects UTF-8 by default when writing tags. However, mp3splt has the -I option to specify the input tags encoding that is used to write ID3v2 tags.

  2. Why there is no player graph or amplitude wave shown in the graphical user interface (mp3splt-gtk) ?

    - if the used player does not recognize the total length, there is no wave because the graphical interface uses the total time provided by the player.

    - try splitting from 0 to a big number of seconds (bigger than the possible total length of the file), and then work with this newly created file; the newly created file should be more "readable".

  3. Why I can't see the ID3v2 tags ?

    Mp3splt is using libid3tag to write ID3v2 tags and the library only supports writing ID3v2 version 2.4 (26/11/2011). If the software that you are using only supports ID3v2 version 2.3, no tags will be read.

  4. How can I use mp3splt with cygwin ?

    In order to use mp3splt from cygwin you can do one of the following :

      - use the windows paths insted of the cygwin paths

      - use the cygpath utility from cygwin

        $ mp3splt.exe -t 1.0 $(cygpath -w /path/to/your/file.ogg)

      - use other tools like

        $ mp3splt.exe --binary-opt=-t /path/to/your/file.ogg -t 1.0

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