Subversion build for windows

Windows build:
  1. Download Mingw-get-setup and install it in the directory c:\mp3splt_mingw

    Select the following components to install: mingw-developer-toolkit, mingw32-base, msys-base, mingw32-w32api (dev).

  2. Open the MinGW console from C:\mp3splt_mingw\msys.0\msys.bat
  3. Download libmp3splt_mingw_required_libs.tar.bz2, mp3splt-gtk_mingw_required_libs.tar.bz2, mp3splt-gtk_runtime.tar.bz2 and put them in the home directory of mingw (c:\mp3splt_mingw\msys\1.0\home\XXX\ where XXX is the username)
  4. Install TortoiseSVN. Go in the c:\mp3splt_mingw\msys\1.0\home\XXX\ directory (with windows explorer) and create a directory called mp3splt-project.
  5. Go in the newly created mp3splt-project directory, right click inside the window and select SVN Checkout. Type the following URL of repository in the newly opened window and then click "ok" :
  6. Download nsis and install it.
  7. Copy the nsis directory from the installation directory (usually Program Files/nsis) and put it in the mp3splt-project directory.
  8. Double click the msys icon that has been placed on your desktop during MSYS's installation and type :
    cd mp3splt-project && ./

    Then, two executable installers will be found in the mp3splt-project directory (one for the command line and the other for the gui)

Sources of the dependencies:

libmp3splt_mingw_required_libs_sources.tar.bz2, GTK+ 3.6.4 build system, gstreamer 1.1.14 build system.

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